P.ersonal A.chievement H.appens ~ Unlimited!

​​​​​The Angela Lynn Show is a diverse television talk show and the first of its kind internationally with a Deaf, female host. 

About the Show: 

We live in the age of awareness when it comes to "Diversity" and "Inclusion." It is our goal to create a compelling and entertaining television show for the Deaf and also for people who can hear. By focusing on the similarities that we all share and highlighting the accomplishments of people such as : motivational speakers, chefs, comedians, actors, and entertainers, we help INSPIRE, EDUCATE, EMPOWER and MOTIVATE our viewers to follow their dreams.

A Distinguishing Feature:

When it comes to diversity and inclusion, Angela Lynn is a feature herself! She is animated and personable. She holds a BA in Education  from the world-renown Gallaudet University and an MA in Deafness Rehabilitation from the prestigious New York University (NYU). Angela Lynn's exceptional perspective; and insights stem from national and international travel that has connected her with people from around the world. The show brings perspective and entertainment to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing viewers and those without hearing loss. She is the Voice of Inclusion!